My Journey

I was born in Redding, California in 1945. My mother and my grandmother were both born-again believers. After schooling I spent four years in the military and went to Vietnam. Upon my release from the military I began my search for life. My wife at this time came into contact with the believers in the local church and was aglow with excitement and joy. About three months later she died rather unexpectedly and I was left alone with our four children. Two weeks went by and I went to one of the believers’ house to see when there might be a meeting. They said “we are going to one right now.” So I went with them and found what I had looked for, beyond all measure.

I could not believe I had never noticed Romans 10:13 about calling on His name. At first I resisted the Lord and did not call out loud but after awhile, at home, I went into my bathroom and decided to try it. The Lord became so real and close to me.

The ministry of Witness Lee has done only one thing for me in my 23 years of meeting with the local church(it has brought Christ to me and me to Christ.

Every book of Watchman Nee’s or Witness Lee’s that I have read has helped me personally in whatever situation I have been. I have also received from their ministry the clearest speaking concerning God’s Holy Word.


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